Excellence in governance for world-class Filipino migrant workers.


POEA connects to the world and in partnership with all stakeholders, facilitates the generation and preservation of decent jobs for Filipino migrant workers, promotes their protection and advocates their smooth reintegration into Philippine society.

Quality Statement

We pursue exellence in governance to satisfy our customers.

We achieve this by:

Providing effective and efficient services.

Operating within the requirement and standards governing overseas employment

Empowering our human resources

Assuring continual improvement using ISO 9001:2015

Program Thrusts

Industry Regulation
  • Continuing Agency Education and Agency Performance Evaluation/Ranking and Classification System
  • - Pre-application orientation seminar
    - Labor market fora
    - Seminar on best recruitment practices
  • Implementation of comprehensive case management program
  • - Conciliation
    - Adjudication
    - Monitoring of appeals
    - Enforcement of decisions
Employment Facilitation
  • Facilitation of 1 million OFW deploymentM
  • - Dispatch of technical marketing missions
    - Intensify marketing intelligence work
    - Pursue bilateral/multi-lateral agreements
    - Encourage visit of foreign gov’ts and employers
    - Strengthen linkages with education and training sector
    - Enhance coordination with host governments
    - Enforce policy on skills competencies
Workers Protection
  • Global OFW mapping and profiling
  • - Fast track information on OFWs worldwide, their work sites, skills, and gender.
  • Intensification of AIR campaign
    - Pre-employment orientation seminars
    - Illegal recruitment free-LGUs
    - Multi-media information and education program
    - Legal assistance to IR victims
    - Surveillance/Entrapment operations
    - Arrests
    - Prosecution
    - Closure of establishments
  • Implementation of incentive program for victims and witnesses of illegal recruitment
  • - Payment of docket fees and other court or legal fees
    - Employment without placement fees
  • Provision of on-site remedies to OFWs to file complaints against employer or agency
  • -OFWs may file complaints for violations of POEA rules against principal, employer, and/or Philippine recruitment agency at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office s (POLOs)

Core Functions

Industry Regulation
  • Issues license to engage in overseas recruitment and manning to private recruitment agencies and ship manning companies
  • Hears and arbitrates complaints and cases filed against recruitment and manning agencies, foreign principals and employers, and overseas workers for reported violation of POEA rules and regulations, except for money claims
  • Implements a system of incentives and penalty for private sector participants
  • Sets minimum labor standards
  • Monitors overseas job advertisements on print, broadcast and television
  • Supervises the government’s program on anti-illegal recruitment
  • Imposes disciplinary actions on erring employers and workers and seafarers
Employment Facilitation
  • Accredits/ registers foreign principals and employers hiring Filipino workers
  • Approves manpower requests of foreign principals and employers
  • Evaluates and processes employment contracts
  • Assists departing workers at the ports of exit
  • Develops and monitors markets and conducts market research
  • Conducts marketing missions
  • Enters into memorandum of understanding on the hiring of Filipino workers with labor–receiving countries
  • Facilitates the deployment of workers hired through government-to-government arrangement
  • Provides a system of worker’s registry
Worker’s Protection
  • Intensifies public education and information campaign
  • Conducts pre-employment orientation and anti-illegal recruitment seminars nationwide
  • Conducts Pre-Deployment Orientation Seminars (PDOS) to workers hired through the government-to-government arrangement and name hires
  • Provides technical assistance in the drafting of bilateral and multilateral agreements
  • Provides legal assistance to victims of illegal recruitment
  • OFW global mapping and profiling
  • Implements gender-sensitive programs
  • Networks with non-government organizations, workers’ organizations, etc.
  • Provides repatriation assistance
  • Provides a system of worker’s registry
General Administration and Support Services
  • Human Resources Development
  • Property and Supplies Management
  • Financial Management
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Plans and Policy Development
  • Quality Management System


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