Labor Market Updates

No. Title/Subject Date
01Bank Negara Malaysia Information Drive on Transmittal of Remittances13 February 2015
02The Qatar Wage Protection System17 April 2015

No. Title/Subject Date
01Jobs Prospects in UAE for Expo 2020March 2014
02Yemen Approves Discounted Rates on Immigration PenaltiesMarch 2014
03Canada’s 2014 Immigration PlanMarch 2014
04Australia’s Government Officials Favor Skilled Migration ProgramApril 2014
05Renewal of Canada-Quebec Labour Market Agreement05 June 2014
06Canada Tighten Regulations on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program11 June 2014
07Abolition of “Kafala” and Proposed Qatar Labor Law Reform11 June 2014
08Canada Cracks Down on Abuse of Temporary Foreign Worker Program01 July 2014
09Amendments to Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations01 July 2014
10Ban on Employment Visa Transfers for Expatriate Workers in Oman08 July 2014
11Employment and Social Development Canada’s Questions and Answers for Moratorium on the Food Services30 July 2014
13Cayman’s English Language Proficiency Test Requirement2 September 2014
14New Reforms for Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)24 June 2014

No. Title/Subject Date
01Singapore’s Slowdown In Job CreationJanuary 2013
02Recent Developments in the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI)21 February 2013
03Canada Issues New Bridging Open Work Permit21 February 2013
04Canada’s New Selection System for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)21 February 2013
05Canada’s New Federal Skilled Trades Program26 February 2013
06Korea’s Minimum Wage Rate for 201314 March 2013
07Recent Changes in UK Immigration Rules05 July 2013
08Australia’s New Temporary Skilled Migration PoliciesJuly 2013
09Canada’s New Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP)26 July 2013
10Latest Situation in Syria18 August 2013

No. Title/Subject Date
01Two Month Amnesty To Illegal Residents In UAEDecember 2012

No. Title/Subject Date
01Exemption of Vacationing OFWs From Re- Entry PermitJanuary 10, 2011
02Lifting of the Six-Month Ban on Foreign Workers Bound for the United Arab Emirates (UAE)January 19, 2011
03New Quota to Decree 2010 (Decreto Flussi) to Allow Entry of 100,000 Foreign Workers to ItalyJanuary 19, 2011
04Malaysia’s Plan To Increase Levy on Foreign WorkersJanuary 19, 2011
05Malaysia’s Compulsory Medical Insurance Policy for Foreign WorkersJanuary 31, 2011
06No Move to Abolish Sponsorship Law in KSAFebruary 22, 2011
07Demand for Foreign Workers in Australia Remains BrightApril 27, 2011
08Canada Issues New Rules to Strengthen the Temporary Worker ProgramApril 27, 2011
09Cyprus Increases Minimum Wage for Household Service WorkersApril 27, 2011
10Guam Proposes New Wage Rates for the H-2B Temporary Worker ProgramMay 18, 2011
11Draft Rules on the Immigration Law of Spain AnnouncedJune 2011

No. Title/Subject Date
01Bill on Employment Protection for Foreign Nationals Introduced in Ontario, CanadaJanuary 2010
02CNMI Immigration Placed Under U.S. Federalization LawJanuary 21, 2010
03Jeddah To Become A World Class CityJanuary 29, 2010
04U.S. House of Representatives Approves Consolidated Appropriations Act for 2010February 7, 2010
05Bahrain Proposes Legislation for Household Service WorkersFebruary 7, 2010
06Employment and Salary Trends in the Gulf 2009-2010February 10, 2010
07$50 Million Contract Awarded to Support Guam BuildupFebruary 17, 2010
08Guam Legislature Proposes Prorated H2 Worker Registration FeeFebruary 17, 2010
09Labor Market Reforms in BahrainFebruary 26, 2010
10Bechtel Opens Office in Libya Amid Construction FrenzyFebruary 26, 2010
11Construction of Facilities for Guam Build-Up Project to Begin SoonApril 22, 2010
12Issues Raised by the Impending Relocation of U.S. Military Troops to GuamApril 22, 2010
13Taiwan Unemployment Rate DecreasesApril 22, 2010
14Israel Government Plans to Limit Migrant WorkersMay 5, 2010
15Recent Changes in Australia’s General Skilled Migration ProgramMay 27, 2010
16Malaysia Unveils Reforms to Reduce Dependence on Unskilled Foreign WorkersJune 18, 2010
17Qatar Ministry of Labor Gets Strict on Violation of Labor LawJuly 3, 2010
18Possible Reduction of Hiring of Expatriates for Oil Exploration in NigeriaJuly 19, 2010
19Japan Amends Immigration Control ActJuly 19, 2010
20More Employment Opportunities in IsraelAugust 9, 2010
21Canada Urged to Choose Skilled Migrants to Avoid Labor ShortagesAugust 12, 2010
22Australia’s New Skilled Occupation ListAugust 13, 2010
23Container Shipping Sector Starts to RecoverAugust 17, 2010
24Taiwan Labor Council Warns Employers of Foreign Workers Against Withholding PassportsAugust 24, 2010
25Taiwan to Implement Dispatching System for Foreign CaretakersAugust 24, 2010
26New Policy Reforms Affecting OFWs in CanadaSeptember 28, 2010
27Germany Open to Highly Qualified Migrant WorkersSeptember 13, 2010
28European Parliament Adopt New Rules on Social Security Rights of Third-Country NationalsOctober 29, 2010
29New Zealand’s Immigration Act of 2009December 2, 2010

No. Title/Subject Date
01Switzerland Implements the Schengen- Dublin Association Agreements with the European UnionFebruary 3, 2009
02Ontario to Expand Protection For Migrant WorkersFebruary 24, 2009
03Jobs in Demand in OntarioApril 24, 2009
04EMAAR and MODON to Develop More Industrial Cities in Saudi ArabiaApril 27, 2009
05Saudi Cabinet Simplifies Regulation on Iqama TransferMay 13, 2009
06Possible Slowdown in Caregiver Deployment in IsraelMay 27, 2009
07Macau To Reduce Intake of Foreign WorkersJune 2, 2009
08New Health Projects Launched in KSAJune 4, 2009
09Australia Announces Measures To Improve Visa 457 SchemesJune 8, 2009
10U.S. Military Construction Projects For Guam AwardedJuly 3, 2009
11First Japan Funding For Guam Build-Up ProjectsAugust 12, 2009
12Major Gulf Projects in the Middle East in 2009September 2009
13UK Issues New National Shortage Occupation List For Work PermitsSeptember 14, 2009
14Military Contracts For Guam Build-Up ProjectsOctober 2009
15Guam Rules on Hiring and Employment of Alien Workers RevisedNovember 26, 2009
16RP-Korea Cooperative Partnership on Labor-Management EducationNovember 26, 2009
17Hong Kong’s Proposed Statutory Minimum Wage BillDecember 4, 2009

No. Title/Subject Date
01Huge Demands for Pilots in Next 20 YearsJanuary 2008
02Shortage of Doctors in AustraliaFebruary 2008
03Israel Adopts New Biometrics Identification CardsMarch 2008
04Demand for Filipino Workers in Trinidad and Tobago RisesMarch 2008
05Korea Needs English Language Teachers and Skilled WorkersMarch 2008
06EU Simplifies Admission Procedures for Third –Country WorkersApril 1, 2008
07Proposed Amendments to the Immigration Law of CanadaMay 5, 2008
08Czech Republic Opens Market for Filipino NursesMay 6, 2008
09Transfer of US Marines in Guam to Create Employment Opportunities for OFWs in Five (5) yearsMay 6, 2008
10Canada Expands of Coverage of High Demand OccupationsMay 6, 2008
11UK Court Voids New Skilled Migrant RulesMay 6, 2008
12Singapore’s Economic Boom Attracts Asian WorkersJune 2008
13UK Modifies the National Shortage Occupational List for Work PermitsJuly 3, 2008
14New Labor Migration Policy in Sweden ProposedJuly 8, 2008
15Canada Recognizes Licenses and University Degrees of ImmigrantsJuly 16, 2008
16Migration Seen as Solution to Europe’s Ageing PopulationJuly 17, 2008
17New Jobs in ArubaJuly 2008
18Prescribed Wage Rates for Common Construction Occupations in GuamAugust 21, 2008
19Arab States Agree on E-Money TransferSeptember 2008
20Singapore’s Power Project Offers Employment Opportunities to FilipinosSeptember 2008
21Kuwait Government Grants 45- Day AmnestySeptember 2008

No. Title/Subject Date
01New Green Card System Eases Entry of Foreign Professionals in DenmarkJanuary 2007
02New Measures on the Entry of Workers Proposed by the Government of ItalyJanuary 2007
03Temporary Foreign Program for Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia in CanadaJanuary 2007
04Oil Sands Mega Project in Northern Alberta, CanadaFebruary 27, 2007
05Employment Opportunities in Middle East for 2007-2009February 28, 2007
06Demand for OFWS in Asia Remains BrightMarch 15, 2007
07Increase in US Minimum WageApril 17, 2007
08Ireland’s New Employment Permit ArrangementsApril 20, 2007
09Nursing Shortage in Hawaii Brings Employment OpportunitiesApril 24, 2007
10Joint Venture of Carnival and Iberojet Cruceros in SpainApril 24, 2007
11Belgium Imposes New Regulation on Foreign CompaniesApril 24, 2007
12New York Permit Regulations and Other New Regulations for Foreign Workers in IsraelApril 27, 2007
13Australia’s New Visa Policy for Foreign SeafarersJune 2007
14Microsoft Plans to Open Development Center in CanadaJuly 13, 2007
15Potential Employment Opportunities for OFWs in GuamAugust 2007
16Contracts Awarded in the Middle East in May 2007August 2007
17Makkah Increases Penalty for Expatriates Harboring Illegal ResidentsAugust 2007
18New Labor and Immigration Policies of IcelandAugust 21, 2007
19CNMI Implements Minimum Wage IncreaseAugust 22, 2007
20Australia’s Visa- 457 Scheme Under ScrutinyAugust 29, 2007
21Employment Opportunities in Abu Dhabi, UAESeptember 2007
22Work Injury Benefits Under Israel’s National Insurance ProgramNovember 9, 2007
23Australia Plans to Hire Foreign Information Technology WorkersNovember 12, 2007
24Medical Insurance for Foreign Workers in SingaporeNovember 10, 2007
25Awarded Contracts in the Middle EastDecember 2007
26Asian Contractors in the UAEDecember 2007
27Northern Marianas Islands House Bill 3079December 2007
28CNMI Commonwealth Act of 2007December 2007

No. Title/Subject Date
01Taiwan’s Labor Law on Hiring of CaregiversJanuary 2006
02Cyprus in Need of Foreign WorkersJanuary 2006
03South African Governments Deports Illegal AliensFebruary 2006
04New Qatari Labor LawFebruary 2006
05GCC States Propose Restriction on Stay of Expatriate WorkersFebruary 2006
06Gaming and Tourism Industry Boosts Macau EconomyFebruary 2006
07Spain’s Growing Elderly Population Face ProblemsMarch 2006
08Payment of Salaries through Bank Account for Domestic Workers in MalaysiaMarch 2006
09Kuwait Increases Mandatory Employment Levels for its NationalsApril 2006
10Italy Allocates Quota for Working Visas for Filipino WorkersMay 2, 2006
11Employment Opportunities in South AfricaMay 8, 2006
12New Procedure in the Employment of Medical and Paramedical Staff in LibyaMay 25, 2006
13Malaysia Adopts Outsourcing System in the Hiring of Foreign WorkersMay 15, 2006
14Employment Growth in SingaporeMay 15, 2006
15Limited Employment Prospects for Foreign Nurses in AustriaMay 19, 2006
16No Labor Policy Shift on the Length of Stay of Migrant Workers in FranceMay 25, 2006
17New Immigration and Labor Market Policies in Ireland AnnouncedMay 26, 2006
18Skills Shortage in Alberta, CanadaJune 2006
19Employment Prospects in GuamJune 26, 2006
20High Employment Rate Among Immigrants in NorwayJuly 17, 2006
21RP-Spain Memorandum of Agreement Allows Filipinos to Work in SpainJuly 20, 2006
22Employment Prospects for Filipino Doctors in KoreaJuly 27, 2006
23New Policy of the United Kingdom on the Recruitment of Overseas NursesJuly 31, 2006
24Prospects for Mega Projects in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaAugust 16, 2006
25More Employment Prospects in GuamSeptember 6, 2006
26Singapore Considers Recognition of Philippine Nursing SchoolsOctober 9, 2006
27DOLE Marketing Mission to Guam and PalauOctober 18, 2006
28Growing Demand for Filipino Workers in Hong KongOctober 18, 2006
29Macau’s Restrictive Policy on Hiring of Foreign WorkersOctober 2006
30UAE Imposes New Regulation on License RenewalOctober 2006
31More Job Opportunities in Kuwait for Foreign WorkersNovember 23, 2006
32Employment opportunities in the Northern Territory of AustraliaDecember 7, 2006

No. Title/Subject Date
01Singapore Creates New Office for Foreign Workers Provides Better ServicesSeries of 2005
02Macau’s Crackdown on Erring Foreign Workers to Affect Some FilipinosSeries of 2005
03US Enforces Visa Retrogression for E3 Skilled Workers Immigrant VisaSeries of 2005
04New Regulations on Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore Likely to Favor FilipinosSeries of 2005
05Foreign Nationals Allowed to Work in CroatiaSeries of 2005
06Libyan Laws and Regulations Require Foreign Companies to Employ Libyan NationalsSeries of 2005
07The New Japanese Immigration Requirements for Entry of Foreign Overseas Performing ArtistsSeries of 2005
08Brunei’s Labor Regulation to Benefit Foreign WorkersSeries of 2005
09Singapore New Labor Regulations to Benefit Filipino Domestic HelpersSeries of 2005
10CNMI Issues New Rules on Tourist-Visa Sponsorship by Non-Resident WorkersSeries of 2005
11Increase in Tourism and Gaming Industry Job Openings Expected in MacauSeries of 2005
12Employment Opportunities in Singapore for Filipino Hotel and Casino WorkersSeries of 2005
13Recruitment on Filipino Nurses Under EB-3 ResumesSeries of 2005
14Employment Prospects for OFWs in United Arab EmiratesSeries of 2005
15Employment Opportunities in QatarSeries of 2005
16Automobile Projects in Abu Dhabi to Make UAE the Region’s First Automobile HubSeries of 2005
17UAE Workforce Classified Under Five CategoriesSeries of 2005
18India’s Shortage of Commercial Pilots and Job Opportunities for ForeignersSeries of 2005
19Malaysia Relaxes Immigration Rules on Foreign WorkersSeries of 2005
20The United States Allocates 20,000 Jobs for Foreigners with Masteral Degree in the USSeries of 2005
21New Requirements for Registration of Non-EU Healthcare Applicants in UK AnnouncedSeries of 2005
22CNMI Introduces New Regulation Increasing the Minimum Wage of WorkersSeries of 2005
23Hiring of Foreign Workers by Malaysian Placement AgenciesSeries of 2005
24Israeli Government Issues New Guidelines in the Recruitment of Foreign WorkersSeries of 2005
25Malaysia Issue New Rules on Hiring of Foreign WorkersSeries of 2005
26Taiwan Mulls Lowering Hiring Standards for English TeachersSeries of 2005
27Opportunities in Singapore Banking SectorSeries of 2005
28New Work Visa Requirement for Foreign Workers in MalaysiaSeries of 2005
29Market Prospects for Abu DhabiSeries of 2005
30Spain Appears Promising for Employment of More FilipinosSeries of 2005
31Windows of Opportunity in Singapore for Filipino Hotel and Casino WorkersSeries of 2005
32Highlights of the Irish Employment Permits Bill 2005Series of 2005
33Job Openings at Wynn Resorts (Macau)Series of 2005


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